How to create fight scenes

Hi, and I love like some advice on how to create fight scenes.

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If you want a specific template, I can PM one to you. I have several that I made for my stories such as this one or this one.

But if you want to create your own, then I suggest breaking it down layer by layer, zone by zone. For example, start in zone 1. Plan out the characters you want in each layer. I usually start with the characters in front (like layer 8 or 9 etc), then work your way back. It helps to have looping animations for background characters, but a lot of animations that would look cool in a fight can also be used, too. Then, move on to the other characters in lower layers. Once you finish all those in zone 1, move on to zone 2, etc. For things like that, it helps to just break it down bottom line.

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