How to create locked choices? Still struggling

I understand you need to put LOCKED into brackets but how do you make certain choices locked depending on previous choices? For example, the character can pick between three people on who to date, once chosen, I want to be able to make it so that the reader cannot select the other two. I hope this makes sense. I’m fully prepared for this to be a little complex. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P. S The characters are met through different points in the story so I know I need to use the if/elif/else but I’m not sure how.

My script goes like this:

Choice (DATELEO)
“I like you too”{
Dialogue here
“you’re just a friend”{
Dialogue here.

Basically I want to lock the first option if the MC previously chose to date a different character. Hope this makes sense.

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Alright so I think @Dara.Amarie has a linktree about lock choices

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You would need to use gains. Or the nested choice method. JemU has a great thread on this …

There is an elimination method by Dara …

You can also use the point system :slight_smile:

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