How to create mini games

Hi, I’m pretty new to coding, does anyone have a mini game tutorial or is anyone willing to help me with coding one? I have a couple of ideas for mini games but I don’t think I’m doing it right! I would be forever grateful

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What is your minigame about?

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Mini games can be quizes, tappables…for a tappable search Joseph Evans in youtube


Do you still need any help?

Well I have multiple, a few I’ve figured out how to do but I want to do an obstacle course and a driving mini game, I’m just not sure how to code it and everything.

Yes! I still need help, I’m looking to do an obstacle game and a driving mini game

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I’ll give you a message in about 6 hours when I finish work :slight_smile: I think I have a pretty god idea of what you mean

Sounds good, thank you!

Is it a PM? Because I would also like to know because I’m making a simmilar mini-game and need to brainstorm how to do it first … Mine would be a FPS mini-game where obstacles are slowly getting larger (or approaching you) and you have to shoot them with your gun before they reach the red zone

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I can PM You too :slight_smile:

Hi, driving game u mean with a tappable wheel?

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