HOW TO: Create Music and Sounds

Today I’m going to tell and show you how to use sounds and music in your story. Here’s an example first!


music music_club_lp

@EMMA stands screen center AND EMMA faces right
@OLIVIA stands screen right AND OVIVIA faces left
@ADAM stands screen left AND ADAM faces right

@EMMA is dance_hands_up_loop AND OLIVIA is dance_disco_loop
&ADAM is admire

Okay! There was an example.
The part in bold, was where the music is.
But first we need to understand the differance between “Music.” and “Sound.”

Music is the sound, but it continues playing more than once. It loops.
Sound is just a sound, and will not continue playing and will stop after it’s finished.

If we wanted a Character to drop a plate, and let’s say it smashed on the ground.
We would type.

sound crash

It will only play the crashing sound once.
If we write;

music crash

It would loop the crashing sound.
To stop music. All you need to write is…

music off

The music should now stop.
Why don’t you give it a go? To find other sounds, go onto your story and
on the right side of your screen keep scrolling until you see an option saying, "Sounds"
You shall see all of the sounds/music you may use.
But remember not to get this mixed up, if a sound says “Music” before it.
Still put this way.

music music_club_lp

Hope this helped you!
– SLT.