How to create my own outline or does anyone have any outline s I can you use for practice

Hi as the name implies I want to start making my own art and could use some practice.
Horrible attempt

I wonder if anyone have any outline or can help make my own


I make outlines but they’re not the best. I use ibis and kinda layer the picture I want to use and the background.

Okay, I will get some more practice in to it

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It took me a while to learn but if you just kinda go with it you’ll learn. :revolving_hearts:

This is my first attempt, I am also creating episode covers for other people as practice. Thanks, I don’t know why having hard time with digital when I could do this on paper

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That’s really good :revolving_hearts:. Maybe it’s because your using something thats unfamiliar. I used Medibang and transferring over to ibis had a shift in my art.

Okay, I will keep at it. If want something drawn just let me know

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Hii! I have some outlines, they aren’t the best but it’s something. If you want to use them pm me!

Thanks that would be great, I am trying to practice doing my own art I am going to post it on my thread once I finish editing them.
You can check out the request thread if you want

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