How to create new story?

Sorry guys, Im new in Episode , I just log in…So, I donno how to start to write a story frow Forum. What I need to do ? I also sorry if my English not so good because I from Latvia. If you help me ,I will never forget

Do you want to write a new story?


Are you writing on the app or online?


Okay, have you logged on to the portal?

I donno know . How to do it ?
I m verry sorry if I bother you

Go to first. I’l write all the steps for you and it’s not a bother at all :blush:

Sign into the portal at with a Google account!

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Thank you very much. I log on

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Yeah, then once you’ve made your account (make sure it’s the same account you used for the app) it should come up with a page and there will be a button on the left (I think) saying ‘start new story’. Click this, write in the name you want for the story and get started :blush:

Thank you!!! You are my favrite persone in Episode now. ))))))


Thanks :smile: do you need any more help?

I’d love to. When I read some stories I can choose how mty MC would look like by myself. How can I add it in my story? (Sorry if I have mistakes in English . I hope you understand what I want to say)


You’ll need to use a customisation template, episode offers one themselves!


If you’d like more unique templates, some of our community authors do them, I highly recommend @Dara.Amarie she has a whole thread dedicated to customisation templates. But always give credit! :smile:

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I’m Latvian too ? You from Riga?

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