How to create scenes where characters sit at a table

Hi, and I would like to know how to create a scene where the characters sit a table, especially a dinner table.


Is the table an overlay or is it in the background already?

The table is an overlay.


Well first you have to make sure they look like the characters are seated on the chairs and then add the table as an overlay and put the overlay at layer 2

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I think everyone does it differently!

I usually put a table overlay and some chair overlays, and then I use the sit animations, such as “idle_sit_neutral_loop” or if they are eating, I use “eat_sit_food_hand_neutral”

it looks more natural if you add a food prop to the characters (I know episode doesn’t have many, hope they add more soon!)

You can use this code to add props:

@add (prop name) to (character name)

And to remove your prop later on, just type:
@remove (prop name) from (character name)

You usually have to use the spot directing feature to move your characters where the chairs are!

I hope this kind of helped!

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I see this done differently almost every story, so here’s the most common ones.

For a table where two characters are sitting across from each other, usually when there’s a bit of confrontation:
When character A is speaking, place chair overlay at layer 0, sit character A at layer 1, and place the table overlay at layer 2. Place character B at layer 3 and position them so that they are partially in frame and their back is to the camera.
Reverse character positions for when character B is speaking.

For a table where the characters are all sitting on the same side of the table, useful for showing romantic couples or for medieval setups:
Place chair overlays at layer 0, place all of the characters at layer 1, and place table overlay at layer 2. Use camera cuts to convey who is talking or not talking.

For a table where multiple people are sitting on both sides of it, such as a family dinner, cafeteria setup, or a mess hall:
Place chair overlays at layer 0, then place the speaking characters at layer 1. Position the speakers facing the camera. Place the table overlay at layer 2. To convey people sitting and listening on the other side of the table, place the non speaking characters at layer 3 and position them with their backs to the camera. Then place an overlay showing the backs of their chairs at layer 4.

This may come off incredibly confusing but I am away from my computer and can’t show pictures :dizzy_face: I’ll edit this in a bit.

Let me know when you can show some pictures.

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