How to create shard choices

Hey, I’m trying to learn how to add shard choices, for example when someone reads and they choose a choice I want one choice for it to give shards to the reader and if you know how to do that, please tell me!

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Hey but that’s only a feature for episode original stories or at least that ik of . If anyone else knows feel free to correct me cuz I’ve never seen how to do this .

Btw welcome to the community @GothicFairy80

@Catniss Oh okay! They should add it for any story cause that would be great but thanks for letting me know! And thanks.

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True they should but I doubt they would and np happy to help out !

I thought you only get shards with your first few choices in a day, and for me it works for any type of story and it doesnt take a special kind of choice, any choice can give ypu shards.

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