How to create text overlay?

Hey guys! How to create text overlay? I want it to get on my intro. Can anyone instruct me step by step?

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you can go on an editing website (Pixlr is amazing!) and create an empty canvas.

then you can create a text layer and type whatever you want in it

using an editing website/software gives you more font options, since I’m pretty sure episode only gives you one

then you can crop the canvas so it’s not as large, save it as a png, and then upload it as a custom overlay in the episode art catalogue

hope this helps!

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Can you explain more specific. I’m sorry, I have understand it but not clearly. Although I’m new to online editing! I hope you understand my concern

1001 Fonts · Free Fonts Baby!

find a font, type what you want, and just download as png

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I’ll pm you screenshots so I don’t blow up the thread

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hey can you explain the same thing to me too?

Hey there! The one I use I pay for it every month since it gives me other things I need. You can currently get a one month free membership!

Other websites I have used which are FREE for PERSONAL USE and it is stated on their website) are the following:

There is no additional things, all you do is pick a font, maybe customise it a bit, and download it as a transparent background! And good thing is, it will already be in PNG form :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Or, I could do the text overlays for you if you’re interested :smiley:


of course! I’ll pm you :))


Thank you so muchhhh❤

Thankyouu very much❤

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Thank you very much for your help hunnny💖

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