HOW TO: create your own backgrounds!

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Btw, welcome in my second tutorial!
This time we will discover how to make our own backgrounds!

First of all, you can make your bgs edited or drawn.

Edited bgs:

Edited bgs can be made with editing apps. I recommend to use Picsart, it’s gratis and you can truly do anything with it!
But there are a lot of other apps that are great too!
Or pc programs, like: GIMP and other, you can find their names on the Internet.
Or in my other tutorial:

Drawn bgs:

Plz, do not use them, or at least tag me.
As you can imagine drawn bgs requires more time and exprience. I find easier to make them edited.
However, if you are willing to make them drawn then I reccomend you to use Ibis Paint x, that is also the most poupolar. But you can find the list of other apps in the link I gave you.

How do I make Edited backgrounds?
They’re not difficult to make. If you don’t want to make them and you need them asap, you can search on internet sites where you can find free images like:
And others…

Then, with the help of editing apps, you can cut out the bg for example of a bed, to make it png.
And put it into your basic background.

That’s how I do it.

How do I make Drawn background?
If you are willing to make them drawn instead, you should use an app for drawing. And maybe making a lil sketch on paper you can use it, to help yourself to draw them!

This is it, we’ll see in the next tutorial, probabily next week!
Hope this helped!
Love, Iris! :heart:

Edit: Remain updated, 'cause this tutorial can have changes!



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For this one, Episode doesn’t want anyone to edit their bgs and use their assets on other bgs, and putting them on google drives. It’s a rule now, but all in all are awesome. Very helpful thread.

Oh! is also a good site to use as well if you haven’t tried it before.



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