How to credit people at the end of your story?

I have been thinking of placing the credits for the overlays/ backgrounds at the end of the story instead of when they show up cause they kinda break the immersion of the scene. But I don’t know the proper way of doing it.

What is the proper coding way of crediting people at the end of the a story?

I hope I’m understanding this right, but are you asking how to credit people who made the background and overlays you used ?

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Ah ok! I got it. I personally see people do it at the end of their stories as it’s much better and I guess they don’t forget to give the credits. I also do see people (this is like rarely) give credits before starting the story. It depends on how you like it more, at the start or at the end :blush:

If I were you, I’d do a pretty background and add it to the end of the story and either do NARR bubbles and write out each authors credit info and what you’re crediting for ( I see this most often when people put credit at the end.)

If you wanted to be fancy you could create text overlays and do an animated credit sequence. This would be a cute idea and a little different than most.

Others simply add readerMessage 's to the scene with the bg/ol/template that goes to each creator.
:slight_smile: I think all 3 ways are perfectly fine for crediting.

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Thanks, but what’s the code for it. Rather be safe than sorry.

&zoom reset
@transition fade in black in 1
Background credits for this episode:
@/name 2
@/name 3

Template credits for this episode:
and so on then :
@transition fade out black in #


Thank you. :smiling_face:

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no problem :slight_smile:

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It’s giving me an error when I place the @/name1. I’m probably being stupid right now. :sweat_smile:

That’s because those are placeholders for the artist/creator.

The message part would be written out like this::

Background Credits for this episode:
Backgrounds and overlays made by ColeCatalyst (@colecatalyst.epi on IG )
Backgrounds and overlays made by: Jae27 on the Forums!

Template Credits for this episode:
Drinking Game template by ColeCatalyst (@colecatalyst.epi on IG)

Etc until you’re done giving credit then transition fade out at the end :slight_smile:

the “not valid directing” is because the system reads the @ symbol as an identifier for a character so using it at the start of a sentence – it tries to figure out the character & can’t and throws errors. :slight_smile:


Thanks again. :sweat_smile:

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No problem, hon. Good luck on your story :slight_smile: If you get stuck, you can tag me and if I know how to do/fix it, I’ll try to help out :slight_smile:

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@Sydney_H you can close this thread.