HOW TO: Customize Characters

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And it could be because of an outfit glitch :thinking:

An outfit glitch? This has never happened before…
What do I do if I have an outfit glitch? I checked the coding like a million times. Is there like a right or wrong way to write outfits?

I did this:

@PERSON changes into Funeral_outfit_dress

I don’t see what’s wrong here.

This is the glitch I’m talking about:

Oof, thank you! You’re a lifesaver!

Thanks :blush: :wilted_flower:


And keep this in mind:

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Bookmarked! Thank you Jem, I can never remember these. :tulip:

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Question, if I used the Avatar Creator Feature for my main character, how would I go about coordinating the family members to have the same skin and hair color?

I know how to do it if I used an entire template, but not sure how to do it if I used avatar creator.

Please help:)

Check out: Hack for Creating Duplicate Characters!

It’s basically just a line of code plus some additional stuff.

Example from the thread:

@MOM becomes MC
@MOM changes hair into Morning Updo

This simple, one-line dialogue will solve all of your troubles. If you want to create a mother character, you could include hair and face changing lines afterward.



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Does anyone know… if you “preview” a feature… Like a hair color for example… But then never actually “change” into it. Will it stay there for the next episode?

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Ha ha, I think so that u can change out of it, if I do go to the library computer tomorrow, i can test it out :thinking:

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Aww, don’t go to that trouble. I’ll test it out when I get home. I was just hoping someone here already knew hahaha

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Sure if you want but I’m also curious myself, besides it’s nice to start going to the library again, I seriously never thought I’d step foot in there and it felt so weird :+1: :wink:

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Well… two people testing it are better than one haha

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Results/what I found:

-It only works in one episode where you can unpreview/preview outfits and/or features

-In the next episode, it automatically defaults to what they originally wore/have regardless of whether you previewed it and let it stay previewed for the entire previous episode.

This is my finding :black_heart:


That previews thing is gonna be a lifesaver for temporary makeup!

Fascinating :thinking: Thank you so much for testing it for me xx

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Bump - every time I bump this it’s because I’m using it as a cheat because I forget all the time lol

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