HOW TO: cut out characters and get rid of the background!

We all know how annoying it is when you take a screenshot of a character, edit it so we can get rid of the background, but there is always a clear outline left that doesn’t go away.

So I’ve found some solution:

This will work for both INK and LL. But it takes quite a lot of work.
If you’re editing an INK character, I suggest you use METHOD 2.
1.Open i bis paint X (download it if you don’t have it, it’s free)
2. Import your screenshot

3. Open the layer tab (second to right) and click on selection layer.

4. Change your tool to bucket and fill in the space you want to erase(it will turn blue).

5. If the color of your character’s clothing is close to the background, the bucket may fill parts of your character. You can just erase it with the tool eraser.

6. Now click on selection layer again, and click on the layer you imported your picture.

7. You should see dotted lines around the parts you fill. Now you click on the first button on the top in the layer tab. It will erase the selected part.

8. The area you filled should disappear. Now go back to the selection layer and click the same button to remove selection.

9. And you’re done!

A little tip from @decembermaria20 for method 1


This solution works very well, especially with INK characters.
Remember you MUST HAVE a WHITE background.

  1. Import your picture. Then click on the transparent background botton. (circled in red)

  2. Click on the three dots(open menu) and click on clear white(color).

  3. Close down the menu. Your picture should look half transparent.

  4. Open the menu again, on the same layer, and click select opacity. This will select your layer.

  5. As you see at the top, on selection layer, it should show you character highlighted in blue(if not, you’re doing this wrong.). Now open a new blank layer, and drag it under the layer of yoyr character.

  6. Now scribble with the largest pen(felt tip hard) with WHITE.

  7. Scribbled until your character looks fully un-transparent

  8. Now open the layer menu again, turn the transparent background to the grey/black one(I circled it at the bottom). Go to the top layer(selection layer) and press the [/] botton. This will unselect.

  9. On the same layer(where you scribbled white), fill in the eyes and the mouth(or any other parts of the character that is still transparent).

  10. As you see, the white line is still here. And that is normal.

  11. Now use the erase tool and erase the white outline.
    The difference between this and method 1? When your fingers slips, it will NOT accidentally erase the black outline, or make the outline look messy. Because you’re erasing the white.
    If you accidentally erased something you are not supposed to, just fill that spot with a WHITE brush.

  12. Then you’re done!

I had not try this method with LL characters yet, so idk will it work well. But for me this method is easier and quicker.

I have no idea can you do this with other editing app/programs as I only use i bis paint.
No need to credit me, but please help me bump this thread so more people can see this!
Edit: before y’all nag me about nO yOu CaN gEt iT tRaNpArEnT aNoThEr WaY or dO iT aNoThEr Way, this is a tutorial topic, not a complaining, suggestion or episode feedback topic. I’m doing this to help people who may encounter this problem, or those who just simply want to learn more about ibis paint tricks. I never said you have to do it this way. This is just advices, take it or leave it.
Sorry if that came out rude, I’m just feeling moody today.




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