HOW TO: cut out characters and make the background transparent!


We all know how annoying it is when you take a screenshot of a character, edit it so we can get rid of the background, but there is always a clear outline left that doesn’t go away.

So I’ve found a solution:
1.Open i bis paint X (download it if you don’t have it, it’s free)
2. Creat a new project

3. Import your screenshot

4. Open the layer tab (second to right) and click on selection layer

5. Change your tool to bucket and fill in the space you don’t want(it will turn blue)

6. If the color of your character’s clothing is close to the background, the bucket may fill parts of your character. You can just erase it with the tool eraser

7. Now click on selection layer again, and click on the layer you imported your picture.

8. You should see dotted lines around the parts you fill. Now you click on the first button on the top in the layer tab

9. The area you filled should disappear. Now go back to the selection layer and click the same button to remove selection

10. And you’re done!




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Can someone remove of this background without the outline..?

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