How to cut to the end of the animation?

so basically i see authors automatically cut to the end of an animation ex. flirt finger snap i donno the exact animation but could someone tell me how to do that

idk if it makes any sense but lmk if you have questions

I think the only way is to not show the character and then cut to them after doing the animation. This is usually done by focusing in another character in a dialog like:

@zoom on the first character
&CHARACTER2 is animationyouonlywanttheendof
CHARACTER1 (animation)
What do you think?
@zoom on the second character spot.

Because that way the 2nd character is doing the animation while the 1st one is talking/doing another animation, and when you cut to them, they’re at the end of it.

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Basically to do this you need to make a clone of the character you want to get the end animation of then when you want them to cut the animation you make them switch positions and then after you leave the expression of them you then switch it back:

-Make a clone of the character/s you want to do this for
-place them in the scene just not where its visible (you wont be able to see them, only purpose is for their expression)
-Have them do the animation a little while before so theres plenty of time for them to do it
-then have the clone and the character switch positions
-pause for however long u want then u can switch them back and continue on.

I wanted to know the same thing! I hope this helped, I suck at explaining


thank you so much! do you want me to credit you for directing help?

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My instagram is @ellie.storiees

I’m glad this helped you :slight_smile:

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