How to: cute falling leaf/feather animation

Leaf option


Feather option


:point_right: If you want to use the same overlays as me, please dm so I can e-mail them to you. The forum is currently having a bug that prevents us from uploading PNG images.


Optional: Rotate the overlay at the beginning of the scene, so the 3D rotation looks less evenly and therefore more natural.
Recommendation: 10-80, 100 - 140 degrees

  1. Place your overlay off screen - top left or top right corner.

  2. Shift the overlay slowly, as it’s a light object. For best result use easing function.
    It’s important to use & instead of @ for this command, otherwise the next animation will starts after this one ends.

  3. Pause - so that the roation doesn’t start right away, where the overlay isn’t fully visible on screen yet.

  4. “3D rotation” - it’s more of an ilusion of rotation that actual rotation. The overlay is scaled in only one direction (x or y), instead of 2 as usual.

    Usual scaling:
    @overlay OVERLAY scales to 0.412 0.412 in t

    3D rotation:
    @overlay OVERLAY scales to 0.412 -0.412

    Tip: This kind of rotation looks also pretty cool on doors - it creates an actual ilusion of the door being opened.

    The overlay is ‘pressed’ into oposite dimension, creating a ‘mirror image’ - it looks like it has turned on the other side (which is of course impossible, as overlays are 2D images and therefore have only 1 side).

  5. Now do the same again but in the other dimension. Meaning - if you rotated the overlay in coordinate y (vertical), now do it in x (horizontal) and vice versa.

I hope this is quite understandable for you people. If not, you can just copy my script, lol :wink: You can play around with the timing, scaling etc.

You can of course use it for any kind of item that fits for this animation. I recommend for it to be a light, thin object like a piece of paper or confetti. Other things would just look weird in this kind of animation.

Let me know if you would like some other tutorials :tulip:

Here are some other threads of mine, you might want to check out :blush:


I’ve had this issue too. You could upload it as unlisted to YouTube?


Thank you so much for the suggestion! :orange_heart:

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