HOW TO: Deal with the Overlay Brightness Issue

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I’m sure some of us have suffered through this while testing their story on the app, including me. I noticed that when I added the overlay to the background name, that’s when it appeared really bright.


INT. FLOWERGRIEFER CABIN with FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE to 1.000 0 0 in zone 1 at layer 1

&overlay FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE opacity 0 in 0

Overlay is not visible.

@overlay FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE opacity 1 in 4

Now it’s visible.


HOWEVER, instead of adding it to the background, when I used the create command instead, no brightness appeared from testing.



&overlay FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE shifts to 0 0 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE to layer 1
&overlay FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE opacity 0 in 0

Scene is replaying again.

@overlay FLOWERGRIEFE BALLTHREE opacity 1 in 4

Now it’s visible, second try with the create command.


If all else fails, your best bet is to submit a ticket.

Can submit a ticket here:

By the way, you can move an overlay around in spot directing:

Spot Directing ----> Change Overlay

If you get an error saying your overlay isn’t created (and you know everything is written correctly, no spelling or coding errors) exit out of the story and then enter back in. Do the same thing if you are getting a black background appearing. Wait a while if need be. Send in a ticket. Be careful when sending tickets as:

By the way background and overlay in the example above come from @FlowerGriefer , a very talented soul :blob_hearts:

Guide on Overlays:

Adding Easing Functions to Overlays: HOW TO: Use Easing Functions :disco:

More Resources:

Hope this is in the right category and yep, this issue is terribly annoying :yay: :blob_sun:


Ahh you amazing coding helpful goddess



just Incase this does happen to me!


Thank you :black_heart:

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Thank you so much for this!
I’ve been struggling with this issue for almost a month now and almost lost my mind when I received the generic, “this is a known issue” response after submitting a ticket.

I can finally publish my story, thanks to you.

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OMG you are an angel tysm💗
I was so confused cos before I updated the app everything was fine and then after my hidden overlays disappeared and then this😩.
I never used the create command cos my overlays never showed up I guess it’s working now.:woozy_face:

I had these issues as well, then I submitted a ticket and my app was fixed in a few hours, but this thread is still super helpful :heartbeat:

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@Esss @Ana_Kay @heart.creates

No problem, happy to be of assistance :chef:


Now I’m having a problem with the create command :sob:

I directed three overlays to go from opacity 1 to 0
But cos of the bright overlay thingy I used the create command, but now it’s not showing up in the first place :sob:

Could you show your code?

And remember:

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&overlay POLICE TAPE3 create AND overlay POLICE TAPE3 rotates 12 in 0 AND overlay POLICE TAPE3 scales to 1.892 1.892 in zone 1 AND overlay POLICE TAPE3 shifts to -114 12 in zone 1 in 0 AND overlay POLICE TAPE3 to layer 1

&overlay POLICE TAPE2 create AND overlay POLICE TAPE2 scales to 1.899 1.899 in zone 1 AND overlay POLICE TAPE2 shifts to 277 384 in zone 2 in 0 AND overlay POLICE TAPE2 to layer 1 AND overlay POLICE TAPE2 rotates 168 in 0

&overlay POLICE TAPE create AND overlay POLICE TAPE scales to 1.976 1.976 in zone 3 AND overlay POLICE TAPE shifts to -62 -13 in zone 3 in 0 AND overlay POLICE TAPE to layer 1 AND overlay POLICE TAPE rotates 12 in 0

@pan to zone 3 in 4 THEN pan to zone 1 in 4

@overlay POLICE TAPE3 opacity 0 in 6 AND zoom on 134 243 to 257% in 6

This is what it looks like, if you need it from the beginning of the scene let me know x

You need to add the opacity command to make it visible (so readers can see it)


&overlay NAME create AND overlay NAME shifts to X Y in zone # in S AND overlay NAME scales to % % in S AND overlay NAME opacity 1

  • all symbols and letters would be replaced with numerical values

Also read through this:

It will be of much help. There’s a section on rotating overlays in there as well.


@overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates # anchor point x x in T

#is a number between 0 through 360 (like the degrees of a circle)

360 turns the overlay all the way around, which turns it back to 0

180 makes the overlay upside down

Rotating an overlay depends on it’s anchor point which is the point from which the overlay will rotate.

anchor point 0 0 is the bottom left of the overlay

anchor point 0.5 0.5 is the center of the overlay

anchor point 1 1 is the top right of the overlay​

Ohhh okayy I thought all overlays were automatically visible but I’ll try that thank youu :relaxed:

When you add overlays to the background name, they’re visible so need for opacity command but when you’re using the create command, you MUST add the opacity command so that overlays will be seen on screen. Make sure they’re in the right zone too (if no zone number is mentioned, they default to the first zone).

Thank you so much :relaxed:, I actually didn’t know that :tired_face:.
All this while I’d just been adding it to the background because I didn’t think the create command worked :sob:.

It’s working noww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Aye, glad everything has been solved :yay: :tophat:

Edit: This thread wasn’t supposed to close so soon as it’s a tutorial meant for a wide audience but that’s OK haha :see_no_evil: :blob_hearts:

Another Edit: I did NOT mark this thread as solved, it is NOT solved, I would rather have it open, then closed but it’s fine :heart:


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