How to delete a draft story?

I have a lots of unpublished draft stories written in the past which I lost motivation to continue. But I can’t find any option to delete them, and Now they are just garbage in my writing portal. Is there any way to delete them?


…I don’t know much of it…but if you didn’t write anything on story then you can dlt them…but if you wrtie something then you can’t

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Click on your little character in the corner of the writers portal and click “Account Settings” then go to “Story Settings”. You can’t necessarily delete them but you can archive them in your list so you won’t be able to see them on your app or web portal.

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O M G… I didn’t even know that it exists… You saved my Life!

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It’s not something about this… But how can I make my own thread? I’m new here.

I have made a forum tutorial video

I made a video about. I show to do it at 1:00

Thank you!