How to delete characters

Hello all! I just figured out how to delete characters when there’s no a ‘delete character’ button. In the script you have to make sure that all of their lines or name is gone. EX: if i want to delete a character named @GUY1 do control (or command on apples)and f, hit all and delete their name or exchange it for something else. Hope it helps!




Thank you! I have the same issue, but this didnt work for me, maybe I did something wrong. please could you help?

  • Remove every trace of your character from your script.
How to search and remove.
  • Ctrl+F
  • Search for your character’s name.
  • Use the arrows to go through each occurence of the name and remove the line / remove your character from the line.
  • Delete the character.
Delete and Confirm.



Thank you so much, worked a charm :slight_smile:

Glad to help.

Can you see the image under “How to search and remove.”?

Yeah thanks but it didn’t work for me either. What do I do then?

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what do you mean it didn’t work? Hm…

Oh it worked. I just had to do it again.

It never worked for me at all here’s a pic:

Since she’s the narrator she’s mixing up the commands

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I also can’t delete the narrator

In your script make sure there is none of this

It does allow you to delete the character if you just have the narrator speaking w/o the actual NARRATOR character there you just have to look a bit harder to find them all b/c trust me, I miss alot of them too

Mine won’t delete. I searched if there was any coding with their name and nothing was there so they are not included in my script but It won’t let me delete them.

If a character isn’t in the script, the delete button will appear.

Did you use Ctrl + F to search?

  • Text is in the script.
  • Text isn’t in the script.

Thank you! It seems like it didn’t load correctly yesterday because I had the edit characters and my coding on two different tabs.

Hi guys! I could really use some help. There isn’t any delete button in my edit characters even if the character is not in my script. HELP!!!

Did you do this:


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Did you used that character before? And then removed the character

At the time, the character was not in the story at all. Also sorry about the late reply

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