How to delete stories

How do you delete a story you haven’t published yet🤔

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I don’t think you can if its unpublished :woman_shrugging:

If you’ve already written some episodes and saved it, you can’t delete it.

If you just “create” a new story and haven’t written any episodes, there should be a delete button!


You cant delete it . but if ypu click on your picture in the corner.

then click on Account Settings

then on Story Settings

you can hide your story


With the story I want to delete. I made some characters but I haven’t made an episode yet but no delete button what do I do

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Hide it

Can I do that on the app or do I have to do it on my computer

You have to go into your portal account and go into settings and Archive it.

Okay thank you

this eased my mind thank you!

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