How to direct this?

Does anyone know how to direct a spit screen scene like in this screenshot?

Its a custom made background so they got the 1 zone size 640 x 1136 and did half of one background and half the other

you can easily do this by using pics art and clicking on Grid and then selecting the two pics you would like and then pick a custom design either side by side …half up half down…or like the pic

I am not entirely sure how this author did it but one way I believe they could’ve done it is by editing a background to be sliced/split in that shape and save it as an overlay. What leads me to believe this is because in the image you provided you can’t see the legs of the character on the upper left. While the audience/reader is able to see all of Jack’s character (body). Jack’s character seems to be placed on a top layer following his backgound. Not sure if this makes any sense but this one way I believe you can achieve this. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face::smiley:

I think you need a background (like the brown haired own has) and a cut out overlay looking like a triangle) then use layers

It’s probably a custom background, but one of them could also be an overlay

Thank you all I get it now :slight_smile:

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