How to display Character Points in text?

If the name doesn’t apply it properly, I’m having a bt of a dilemma. A user messaged me on an Episode: Choose Your Story Amino asking me how they could input how many points the player has achieved like in the Episode Featured Demi Lovato series and the user story The Red Tiara. I tried guessing by using the code to ask for the point, ([CHARACTER=#]) but it appeared as if I didn’t put in brackets at all. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while, and the Episode Portal doesn’t say anything is wrong. Any kind of help would be very appreciative!

You mean like this?


If you have many choices with points and many characters, it will be hard. Else is quite easy. :wink:

if (YOU =-1) {
YOU= -1
} elif (YOU =+1) {
YOU= 1
} elif (YOU > 1)
YOU has more than 1 point.
} else {
YOU has zero points.

That’s sort of it, I was think of something more like this:

Although I realize your example helps out a lot. Thank you very much!