How to do a couch scene while talking

How do you let your charters sit down and talk with the normal talk commands at the same time. (Ex: talk_happy_agree) I really need help please.

Just spot your character in the exact place where she/he will be after using the sit animation. Just make sure to zoom enough to make it look like she is still sitting in the same spot. I hope you will understand! :sweat_smile:

Well every time I use a animation my character stands up for some reason while doing the animation.

That’s when you have to spot your character in the exact place, where your character was after using ‘sitting animation’.
Generally, when we use a seating animation, we can see the character slightly below while they are sitting.
So, when we use a standing animation our character just stands up and does the animation. So we can’t see the character’s face. What you have to do is, Before using the standing animation, spot the character little below from the current position to make it look like the character is sitting down.
I hope it makes sense.

Where do you put the spot positioning at though… I can’t put it during my character is talking because (Ex. Adam (talk_handsonhips))
( Hello. )

Wait nevermind I fixed it, thanks for helping me out. :slight_smile: