How to do a spilled drink animation?

So I want an animation like the wiskey spills on the floor and then it fades in.But idk how to do that someone pls help me

change the opacity of the overlay like,
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0 in 1

Alright I will i’ll update you if it works or not

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Yeah you can change overlay opacity and then make the spill grow larger by the seconds

@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to ___ ____ in 3

can you make in fade in instead of making it fade out cuz that’s what I want

Oh yeah totally! At first set the opacity to 0, so you don’t see the spill at the beginning. Then show the spill for however long you want at whatever opacity you want. To get it to fade out do:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity ___ in 3

Sorry it wouldn’t let me reply to you posts for some reason, so I am just editing this post. What do you mean by fade in? (do you mean shrink and fade)

yeah but I want mines to fade in not out

Can you get me the code for me to fade it in pls?

nevermind i got it ty tho

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