How to do a walking animation?

I want to make the characters have a certain walk. I’m doing a scene and i don’t know how to make the character walk with anger?
NADIA (talk_asif_angry)
Mom I said I’m FINE!
@MOM is idle_sad_timid_loop
NADIA (talk_complain_angry)
Just leave it!
@MOM is cry_sob_sad_loop
@NADIA exits left
&NADIA is walk_angry_loop
That’s what I tried and it won’t work. Can someone help me?

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@CHARACTET walks to spot xyz AND CHARACTER does it while animation name

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Just out of curiosity what is the difference between using “character does it while” and “character is”

This guide will explain the difference

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Thanks I’ve only ever used “character is” so this should come in handy :slight_smile:

i keep getting an error: use @character walks to x y z in s
What do i do?

Can you show me the script? I may be able to help!

Oh right you have to put the seconds, like
@CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in s AND CHARACTER does it while animation name

I would check dara amarie guide

Okay thank you

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