How to do an action in another direction?!

I need a help!!))
I can’t understand how to make a direction for an animation.
For example, I want my character faces right with animation “tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear” and for me it looks like this:
@CHARACTER is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER faces right.
But it’s wrong, because my character still keeps looking to the left.
So…Can somebody tell me what the problem is?! :unamused:

You have to put faces left as rear animations usually go the opposite side as you commanded them.

So then it would be:

@CHARACTER is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER faces left

Thank you so much! Now it works :grin:
Step by step i try to solve my problems with all those “scripts”.
Maybe you can help me again if it would be necessary)
Thanks again :kissing_closed_eyes:

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No problem, happy to help. :blush: Don’t be afraid to pm for any help, though I might not always be able to give you an answer.

You could also ask people like @JemU776 and @Dara.Amarie, they’re awesome!

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Noted! :nerd_face: Now I’m more than happy :blush:

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:blush::purple_heart: Happy Writing!

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