How to do anything with overlays


hi, how do you add a table to a scene?


Type it with background, such as:

INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to 1.000 0 0 in zone # at layer #


You can either add it with the background

BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to % x y in zone #

Or type this during a scene

@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in s in zone #
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % % in s
@overlay OVERLAY opacity # in s

#Note that you need to type in everything in order for it to show up


thank you!


thank you :slight_smile:

How do I stop my character from going behind my overlay as soon I make it perform an animation? I got all the layers and positions all set. You can see the character and everything but it’s until I want my character to idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop, it just disappears behind my overlay. I need help please! :disappointed_relieved:

I’m using a sheet overlay so I could get a “birds-eye” of the bed.


You can do this

@CHARACTER starts (put animation) AND CHARACTER moves to layer #