How to do art scenes


Good Morning, Episode Forum my name is Brianna I want to know how to create art scenes that have nothing do with iPhone because I don’t have an iPhone so which app is better for an android device or a computer that is the best way to create a art scenes with…


ibis paint x for android



  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Medibang
  • Sketchbook


  • Photoshop
  • GIMP
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Adobe Illustrator

Thanks every much

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How to do art scenes on gimp

Tbh I’m not sure, I’ve never really used it. I just listed things I’ve heard of and found.
I personally render various things using 3D model software on my PC (not drawing/art software) and sometimes I transfer things into Procreate on my iPad for drawing.

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Thanks every much

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You can edit, alter/manipulate photos as well as paint/create your own images using the My Brush tools. There’s a whole tutorial on how to use the in-program filters and tools posted to the GIMP website. Though I do not make character art scenes, I do use GIMP with the GMIC plug in/add on to make backgrounds and have done a few edited character art (like edits for the monthly release using SS of portal characters).

Take time and familiarize yourself with the program/tools/settings before getting to work on anything super detailed (also, don’t expect the exact same results that some else achieved with a stylus and a tablet with a mouse and a computer. You can get close but drawing with a mouse takes a lot of patience). That said, GIMP is basically free photoshop and works just as well.

Ibis paint x is a GREAT app for drawing on your android. Idk your phone brand/size but I do suggest getting a stylus to use-- it helps with the fine details. :slight_smile:

But the most basic steps would be:
Open and size new image
Add or create background (right click add new layer and select “transparency” as the BG color)
Draw or add SS of character.
Cut out/clean up edges and go from there. You can cut limbs off and copy them to new layers to go in front of/behind another character or item.

It’s basically limitless once you figure out what each tool does.

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You’re welcome! Sorry I can’t offer more help.

it’s okay

Sorry i skimmed theough. So just wanna make aware to OP

Any pictures she uses has to be copyeight free. Meaning google and pinterest can not be used at all

It should be noted that unless you select Tools> Usage Rights> Creative Commons on google searches, chances are that it’s copyrighted in some way. However, if you use google search and select creative commons licensing, the images that come up will be free use and able to be used/edited to their heart’s content.

The one that I think should be avoided at all costs is Pinterest images. Since they can literally be pinned from any number of websites, there’s no way to know if it’s an image they sourced from CC0/free use websites or if they’ve stolen and used a copyrighted image. Pinterest is a big no, Google is more of a “do the additional steps for a better result” type of thing to me.