HOW TO- Do custom episode poses that are drawn!

A ton of fab artists have done drawn custom episode poses. So I wanted to know how you guys do it!

1 what brushes to use.
2. Tips and tutorials.
3. What apps to hse.

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For anything digital, I use ibisPaint. Did you get my pm?

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Hmm in this case you don’t use brushes you use episode assets. Ya gotta use @episode_amanda ‘s Ea on Instagram or @/lelingey on insta both EA’s are amazing. You take a ton of ss of your character. Head to Pinterest and look at poses u wanna re-create and do something like em. Then go to IbisPaint and start removing the white background from the character. U use the selection layer to move around the limbs and change where they are so u can get a similar pose to one you seem to like.

Hope this helps I use IbisPaint X


Awsome, thanks a bunch!


No problemo lmk if there’s anything confusing. If u can’t cut limbs out properly @epsiode.uwe has some limbs on her drive u can use but remember to give credit :slight_smile:

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Do you mean like the ones in episode stories that are animated drawn custom poses? Or like for edits? For the animated drawn custom poses in stories, its a lot of overlays and stuff :joy::joy::joy: I dont know how to do it tho…

For the poses in edits, usually I don’t use Episode assets or screenshots. I just find like a pose that I want to do and sketch it out, then go over it with my outlining brush.

Also practicing figures helps. Try searching “How to Draw Bodies/Anatomy” in YouTube, and you can eventually draw your own poses from ur mind.


I don’t usually do poses, I crop pieces (like legs and arms) and out the on one character.

i can’t do custom poses unfortunately

I use Adobe Photoshop for my editing and what not, as far as tutorials though, I had a digital graphics class awhile back that really helped a ton! In terms of apps, IBIS Paint is a really good one along with Procreate, and then a free version of Adobe Photoshop that is accessible is GIMP. But also I follow a lot of different art accounts on instagram and I tend to watch their speed drawings that they post. And for coming up with posing ideas, I tend to look on Pinterest for drawing pose references. Hopefully this will help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @lanafrazer_episode @AlyssaThePretzel

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I use an app called sketchbook edu. I cut out the body parts I want from many different episode poses then piece them together the best I can then I draw out any missing spaces.