How to do Digital Art!



I’ve seen multiple posts asking for advice on how to do digital art and so on. So I’ve decided to make a thread on for you to ask questions and seek advice!
Here are some examples of my digital art,

Realisitc Art

Line/Animated Art


Post your art pieces down below or ask your questions and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.


Slaaaay :fire::fire::fire:


What platform do you use? :smile:


Sketchbook on my Iphone. They recently made it free so you can use pro tools and such.


I might download that :smile: By the way your art is beautiful, I love the one with the person getting punched, getting comedy vibes from it. :wink:


Thank you!


Love this, thanks for making this thread! How exactly do you draw more realistic hair?


The app I use (Sketchbook) has a hair tool!

Remember, you don’t have to draw on a huge amount of strands of hair. Just place a lighter shade and draw stands of a darker shade. Then use the hair tool to smudge them into looking more like hair.
Also, after you’ve done the base of your hair, draw wild strands extending from the hair to make it more realistic.



Place two opposing colors like so.

Afterwards, use the blending tool,

And brush the blender over the contrasting colors like this,


I didn’t know Sketchbook had a hair brush. That’s awesome.


I have sketchbook but it won’t let me do it in bigger size…


I think it depends on the device you’re using.




I like the way you draw!


I was wondering if you have some advices for contouring.


Once you know your light source place shadows accordingly. I would recommend looking up real life examples to see the shadows and highlights


I’ll try, thank you!


I love your art! What device do you use, and do you use a stylus or your finger to draw?


I use my iPhone on an app called sketchbook. They made their subscription add free so you have professional tools and such now.
I use my finger all though it would save a lot of time and redo-ing if I had one.


Bump, how do you make the eyes?