How to do overlays?

Hii guyss , I wanted to ask how do you do overlays? Example I tried to do an text and wanted to upload on my bgs on saving it on will no one backgrounds on photoshop but when I start to save it as PNG or JPEG , when I tried to upload on the overlay it didn’t appear , can someone tell me what to do?

I don’t really understands oops can you explain again? :hearts:

I tried to make a text on photoshop save it without background and try to upload it on episode but it didn’t open the file as an overlay but it open as a background :confused:

Make sure you saved it as a png!

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I did it :confused: but it didn’t appear as an overlay , it doesn’t even open the file :confused: can I ask you how do you do it?

I use a app on my phone and erase the background. Then I save the overlay into the portal via phone:)

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What app do you use?

OH! Wait, make sure you up upload it to overlays and not background! Unless you already did…

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it’s just called “eraser” lol

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OMG I’ve always had the same question THANKS.

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I use PowerPoint for this. I type in fancy text and then save the words as a PNG file that has a transparent background and then upload it into overlays :smiley:

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LOL HAHAHAHAA okay okay I will try thank youuu :wink:

I will try also this way thankkk youuu girl :kissing_heart:

No problem!

It’s what I use since I don’t have Photoshop :smile:

But you can always type in “photoshop saving text with transparent background” into YouTube and you’ll get cool tutorials :wink:

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Lol I’m laughing to myself and of why I didn’t about it earlier Ahahahaha thanks Jem :kissing_heart: