How to do stuff on a phone

I really want to have a texting conversation in my story, and I have the phone background, but how do I actually add the text messages. I’ve seen stories with it before, but I don’t know how to do it!

Any ideas?

-Gypsy :dog::dog::dog:

those are overlays

So how do I edit them and add them?

-Gypsy :dog::dog::dog:

hm, ok, i think u need to get an overlay from someone, and ask them if they can add the text for you on what you want to put in the messages.

there was a thread about this last time, I think @Dara.Amarie responded to that, hm, not sure. Ill see if i can find it.

go to this website. i think this is how u make them but look at the thread first.