How to do text messages?

Somebody explain me how I must do text messages? I know there’s an app where you can create a fake message (iFake text message). But I do not understand how to do the conversation step by step. I mean I must do a lot of backgrounds with new text messages or what? I hope you all will understand my question :woman_facepalming:


you don’t have to make them if you don’t want to because there’s a texting format for your script right here :grin:

  • ifake messages - you could ss the messages you want said, and put it in your story where the readers just read through them.
  • you could use a phone background and use overlays (which would take time)
  • you could use a phone background and use the narration bubble and use the code where it shows who is saying what. like:
  • you could use “facetime” where the characters are talking to each other (messages aren’t involved, though.)

i think there is one other way but i cant think of it right now. i either use the narration method are have someone create the messages for me but now that i have ifake messages i use that instead.

I want it to look like a real conversation on an iphone (with battery, name, colors and epc.). So narration bubble not an option. And I know that I can use “facetime”, but I don’t need it right now :slightly_smiling_face:
What do you mean by "use overlays? To create it by myself?

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i would use ifake messages if you want it to look real, using it is pretty simple. using overlays ins’t easy but it is an option i’ve seen others use. did you check out the link @/Marshmallow_O gave you? apes is good when it comes to explaining

I want to) I just want to understand is it right?! Maybe there are more simple ways) Narrator bubble is not what I need. It doesn’t look like a real conversation on the phone(((

there’s other options on that post, though.

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I saw the link… and there’s a phrase "Great site where you can put all the messages! Then just UPLOAD this as a background (it’s about iFake). And in my head it looks like I have to do a lot of backgrounds :joy:

on the rest of the post if you continued reading it says:



Yeah, I saw it, thank u !!! :wink: But it’s a little bit not what i want :sweat_smile:

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Thank you !) I will definitely check it and PM u if there will be any questions. :wink:

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when i use @CHARACTER left or right it doesnt seem to be working

you have to have the characters name in place of “CHARACTER”

Did you solve your problem? :slightly_smiling_face:


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