How to do this? Coding is killing me!

Okay so here’s the thing. I’ve been a reader at Episode for quite some time and since I love to write and have a lot of ideas I thought I might as well share my stories with other readers :slight_smile:
But - I have to admit that all this coding is kind of killing me… :frowning: Or killing my spirit anyways.

How do I make it more approachable? I have no problem writing the dialogue, making the characters and so on, but all this stuff with how to make them walk here and there, make them appear smaller like kids, run into eachother etc - that’s really taking a toll on me… :frowning:

Have any of you got any tips, ideas or something to make me go on?
I really wanna share my stories, but my patience is kinda fighting me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading this! xx


Have you watched those episode tutorials on youtube made by Joseph Evans. He has very good tutorials that make sense and a lot people watch them.

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I have tried, but I have to admit that I feel I need a tutorial for every little step of my “journey” - I mean, I feel like I hit a wall every other line I write.

Or is it only this difficult writing my first story? :wink:

Maybe it’s just because it’s your first story? :woman_shrugging:

I felt like that when riding my first story, I was so confused what I’m supposed to do. But after I learned the basic directing it started getting easier and easier.

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Try using basic directing at first like the just default positions and don’t go too advanced too fast. Try not to do all of the complicated things you don’t understand untill you can do the basics very confidently, then try to branch out.

And if you ever need help always feel welcome to PM me here on the forums or dm on insta.

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