How to do this coding?

I have seen this in many of the new stories on episode. When we have a choice to choose one of the characters of the story it appears. I am going to explain in words and hope that you all get it, since I always forget to take a screenshot of it.

A screen appears in which all the characters are there in spotlight format and are there on the screen and we have to tap on one of them to choose. When we tap on them, their size increases and a choice appears and asks us whether we want to choose them or not.

I really liked this and was thinking how to do it since, only one character can stay on the screen in spotlight format and the characters were doing animations while they were on the screen.

One can see this in many of the new stories like Honeymoon Ever After and Billionaire Bride, etc.

I finally got a ss :


I think that feature is still unreleased to the public. Haven’t heard any news from the Episode teams regarding this feature.


The only way you’d be able to do this at the moment, is to make overlays of the characters in spotlight format. To have them perform animations is impossible… but you can make tappable overlays! If you’re okay with settling for that and you need help with the code, just PM me ◡̈

Hi! As everyone here is saying, it’s not a feature available for us, however, you can use tappable overlays. If you want the characters to have animations you could try to use a cropped overlay and layer the characters behind, using a transparent tappable.

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