How to do this thing?


So I saw a lot of stories of characters doing the animation without talking. Something like the character has a talk_doubtful face but without talking. Or doing the “shush” face expression without doing the finger thing. How do you do this thing? Do I have to cut it out and make an overlay and direct it? And if it is, how do you cut out a character into a png without having a messy line?


Some people make 2 of the same charafter make the other one do it off screen and add her and replace the other until the other has to talk then readd her


ohhhhh that’s how they do it :slight_smile: ty for the advice


There’s an example script in here too: How do I make characters go straight to the ending positions of animations?


@Olivia2003 is it safe to say your question was answered? :smiley: