How to do this type of thing

Hey…does anyone know how to put the readers typed in name into a thought bubble?
I don’t know how else to say it but when the character is thinking and it has a thought bubble, how do I make the character’s typed in name like it’s them saying it instead of NAME ?

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Just to add on:

Also: UNDERSTANDING: Script + Display Names

Thought bubble looks like (using example):

(My name is [NAME].)

*You must test on the app for it show instead of web previewer.


I went on to the mobile app and when I type in the readers name it says "NAME is such a pretty name!’’ help? lol

In your script, what does your naming input say?

Remove FIRST from there.

it should just say


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I got that:) and then what do I do about the label changing appearance thing?

For label changing_appearance , you need at least one goto changing_appearance

can read more here: 🖤 HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

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it says it doesn’t exist and I’m so sorry for taking the time out of your day

can you show your script?

No i didn’t mean erase label changing_appearance and replace it. I meant that you need at least one goto for it. So your goto changing_appearance could be anywhere else in your script depending on what you want to achieve. Read the gotos and label thread I linked above.

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thank you!!!

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@Sydney_H can you close this please? Thank you love

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: