How to do vertical zooms?

Hey! I was wondering if someone could help me/explain how to use and create vertical zooms. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :))

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You need to be already zoomed in to be able to create vertical zoom!

I don’t know how familiar you already are with the zooms, but basically you have 3 components: the horizontal one, the vertical one and the % you are zoomed in. So you would have, for example:

@zoom on 210 50 to 308% in 0

The 210 corresponds to the horizontal placement on the screen, the 50 to the vertical placement, the 308% to how much you are zoomed in and the 0 (it could be more) to the time it takes to zoom. To create a good vertical zoom, you need to keep the horizontal component and the % the same, but change the vertical component. For exmple, a vertical zoom for my previous example would be:

@zoom on 210 150 to 308% in 3

Hope this helps! :blush:

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Thank you so much! This helped a lot :blush:

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You’re welcome!:blush::blush:

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