🚗 HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside

am having problems with mine . its not showing my character

In which point?

am trying to make it enter in rhat scence

You need to place your character in the car when it’s on the scene and use walks to spot command

yes ik that but it allow me to see where my character is

You have to zoom out the scene you have an example of the zoom in the guide

Thank u . I found him :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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bump :slight_smile:

How can I get my characters in the car and show that the car is moving?

In this particular background you can’t, it’s already an overlay in it and you can’t animate it.

Thanks! I figured it out and I have an animated background.

where would put your second character

In the car next to the other character (the same offscreen and onscreen)

what? the coding for it

Read the guide of how to place character inside the car, do exactly the same with the other one

Can you write it out I still don’t get it.

Did you even read the guide? Are you familiar with the spot directing?

i did read the guide but i’m not familiar with spot directing

You need to learn how to use a lot directing first
(otherwise, you won’t place your characters in the right place)

How can the character exits the scene without their action “walking”?