🚗 HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside

and their body just move along


@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in S AND CHARACTER does it while idle

(or any other none walking animation)

oh, thanks you, you are god right? cause you just save me twice, LOL

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Could someone help me with my moving overlay because I want my overlay (a truck) to move into the scene on the left, I’m New to this coding and I’m not sure how to do it.

Here’s a guide on overlay animation:

And here’s a guide made for driving the car out of the scene:

this is the script I use: u have to replace the names and the positions with the direction helper, I don’t let them sit because the animations are less when they are sitting You can choose any car that goes forward and any background that has the name LOOP in it

sound car_motor
@zoom reset
&SABINE spot 1.252 43 -142 AND SABINE faces right AND ANNEKE spot 1.250 155 -145 AND ANNEKE faces right

    SABINE (talk_afraid)
I broke up with Marc.

    ANNEKE (talk_angry_accuse)
| bold |You did what???

    SABINE (talk_gossip)
Yes... I see him as a friend.

    ANNEKE (talk_angry_stubborn)
But you were together for 2 years.

sound car_motor
SABINE (talk_sad)
I know, but I really don’t have those feelings anymore!!!

    ANNEKE (talk_awkward)
I don't know what to say.

    SABINE (talk_happy_smile)
I say let's have fun, I am single!

    ANNEKE (talk_doubtful)
You really are sure...

    SABINE (talk_happy_agree)
Absolutely, I thought about it for long enough.

sound car_motor
SABINE (talk_awkward)
I feel bad for hurting his feelings.

    SABINE (talk_arms_crossed)
But I am happy to be single!

    SABINE (talk_neutral)
Can you leave me at my place? My mom said I need to be home.

    ANNEKE (talk_neutral)
So you don't want to come to my place?

sound car_motor
SABINE (talk_neutral_deny)
Maybe another time, sorry.

    ANNEKE (talk_neutral_forward)
No problem.

@transition fade out black 3

the sound you can leave it out it will maybe not working wit copy/past if you write it yourself it might work

I’m trying to get two trucks to enter into the screen one truck on the left and one on the right I don’t understand how to do it

Did you read the guide? You need to place them offscreen and then use shifts to command so they drive into screen

Thank you

So I really want my character to drive off screen, but its not working. Both the character and the overlay don’t start offscreen and I don’t wanna have to make them start offscreen to make the overlay and character drive off at the same time though.

You need to use &, when you use @ the character will move then then overlay will move, if you want to happen at the same time, you have to use & for the first command (either walking to spot or for an overlay)

Please read the guide as this is pointed out there :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!

Thank you very much

My car isn’t going offscreen


Did you place your car offscreen and use shifts to command? What’s your script?

You can move VIOLET faces right in the line when character walks to spot.

So what’s the problem exactly?

the car isnt moving :frowning:

There’s nothing wrong with your command. Can you copy and paste this scene here or PM me so I can test it?