🚗 HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside


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I’m having an issue. My character slides in first and then the car comes in afterwards. It doesn’t matter if I use "@ overlay " or “&” he always slides in first

Where I placed the overlay and character


The effect




youre Character should end up in the car no matter if it’s first or last. Are you sure those walking coordinates aren’t okay?


This is where he’s placed and where the car is placed. I thought I did it right.


So that looks good for being off screen. But when the car ends up onscreen, you also have to find out the character’s coordinates. Because those coordinates are going to be different.


This is where I have him walking to-but with the car-and he goes pass his coordinates. This is what’s there, and I thought it looked right but idk why he keeps going.


I realized it’s sending him to the same place but when I spot him it somehow isn’t the same place.


That’s because 413 is pushing the character offscreen to the right. Which is why I think the coordinates are wrong.
Here’s what I’d do:

  1. Add zone 1 (because I’m assuming that’s the zone you’re in) in the shift and walks command:

&overlay CAR ANGLE BROWN shifts to 109 16 in zone 1 in 2
&JED walks to spot S X Y in zone 1 in 2

  1. Figure it out those second coordinates.


I tried it and it works! I also tried moving him to the spot after the car moves and it worked. Before I had the issue tried putting zone 1 but I had an error so I removed it and should’ve known it would send him to a different zone, but this works :slight_smile: thank you.


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Can i get help?

&LILLY walks to spot 331 -115 in 0.6 AND LILLY does it while idle

&BRANDON walks to spot 331 -115 in 0.6 AND BRANDON does it while idle

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 331 -115 in 0.6


Works now!



@LILLY spot 0.708 -647 41 AND LILLY is idle

@BRANDON spot 0.708 -647 41 AND BRANDON is idle
Won’t work
&LILLY walks to spot 0.708 -195 6 in 1 AND BRANDON is idle

&BRANDON walks to spot 0.708 -195 6 in 1 AND LILLY is idle

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to -195 6 in 1

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to 0.708 0.708


Use does it while idle




No problem.


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Problem: My character continues to go seconds ahead instead of moving together with the car!

EXT.HOUSE with CAR SIDE PINK to 0.749 -668 -12

@cut to zone 2

&JADEN walks to spot 0.785 130 -2 in 3.0 AND JADEN does it while idle
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK shifts to -146 -17 in zone 2 in 3.0
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK scales to 0.749 0.749