How to earn gems without purchasing?

Is there another way to earn gems easily?without purchasing or it is impossible? Just asking

You could earn them from playing featured stories-at the end of the episode they are given (only one) and they can also be earned as rewards for playing 4 episodes (I believe it’s 1 pass, 2 passes, 1 gem, 2 gems) and earning a streak doing this.
So day 1-play 4 (get 1 pass), day 2-play 4 (get 2 passes), day 3-play 4 (get 1 gem), day 4- play 4 episodes (get 2 gems) and missing out on a day can cause you to lose that streak and it is reset at day 1 then.

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You can try sponsors on youtube. Search it up! I got about 50 dollars and 50 passes from all the sponsors.

Thank you so much for info :wink:

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