How to earn gems

As a reader I really struggle earing gems as there are not many ways to earn it.There is only survey which shows not available whenever I open the survey and the other option is by reading E stamped stories. So please tell me of there is any other way to earn gems?


You can read stories in the home page!

What I mean

All the stories on this page!

sorry if it doesn’t make sense :joy:

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No that’s okay u r just tying to help me :blush::blush:

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Thanks btw

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Of course :blush:

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You are going to have to read their stories if you want them for nothing. :woman_shrugging: But whatever you do do not use hacks. You will end up getting hacked yourself and your account will be terminated and it means they will lock you out the app.


Yes I am aware of that …but the problem is reading stories takes time and my survey is not showing any available questions

Just tap through them while watching out for gem choices it is either that or pay. And I am just warning you in case since so many people use them without knowing what will happen.

Okay thanks :blush:

has that ever happened to someone

Being hacked or being locked out their account?

being hacked

Probably. :woman_shrugging: I mean you can’t trust random sites that offer you things like that.

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I agree with the others above, never use any hacks because you’ll get caught no matter how good the trick is. I’ve had three friends get banned permanently !