How to earn more reads

I’m new in episode community, and my first story is almost ready. So, I wanted to know, how I can attract more users.

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  • You can do read for reads through the forums - This adds to your read count and if people enjoy your story it also increases the chances of them continuing to read on, aswell as recommending it.

  • Request reviews - This is both practical and works as advertisement. You can find out what you need to improve on, tips and tricks you could include in the future and what the reviewer enjoys about your story. People tend to read review threads for good reviews on stories, the better the review the more likely people are to search your story and read.

  • Cover - Having an eye catching cover does everything you need. The more effort put into the cover, people feel attracted to read your story. The covers that attract the most views tend to be digital drawings which can be made by yourself, requested through the forums or through Instagram.

  • Make friends/alliances - Becoming friends with people creates a great opportunity for both/all of you to promote each others stories, increasing potential reads.

  • Instagram - It’s the best way for people to come across your story.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you so much.

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Moved to Episode Fan Community. :wink:

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