How to edit backgrounds

It’s me again. I was wondering if anyone knows what apps or programs I can use to edit backgrounds like if I want to make a background during the day, or sunset, or night r dusk? Need tips.

Thanks ! is a great website that I use.

It is free if you don’t upgrade.

Oh i actually have Canva! So from episode whatever background I want to use I can change effects on canva?

Well yeah you kind of can.

In Canva you can add images to the background and stuff.

If you want to like add effects to the background (eg: like make it black and white) you should use a program called Pizap

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Sorry for the late response. But problem is solved. I figured out how to edit backgrounds and such. Thank you all !

How can u do this exactly? I’m having trouble

I use Photoshop to change it to night or somewhat sunset and I use a picture editor for the effects. Hope this helps :ok_hand:

thanks, but are there any other ways without photoshop?

Try Photopea its an online and free photo editing app Its quite similar to Photoshop