How to end an episode using a choice?

As the title says, how do you end an episode using a choice?


Person A is talking to person B.
Person A and B are a couple.
You have the choice to slap Person B or just roll your eyes and leave.
Person A slaps person B.
Person B breaks up with person A.
Person A is heartbroken.
{episode end}
Or if you choose not to slap person B, episode continues.


you’d probably code something along the lines of

β€œslap person b”{
goto chapterend
β€œdon’t slap person b”{
goto chaptercontinue

label chaptercontinue
(the episode continuing)

label chapterend
(the episode ending. note this has to be at the end of the episode’s code lol)

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Ahhh, the label has to be at the end, right? Or the whole thing?

the label chapterend (or whatever you choose to name the label that ends your chapter) and the coding within that label will have to be at the end of the chapter ! the other coding (the choice coding and the other label) can be anywhere in the chapter’s code

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Thank you!

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you can check this out, so it’s easier and you don’t have to make a whole thread then :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Omg thank you so much, I was feeling bad because I kept having to make threads for questions and didn’t wanna ask anyone in dm.

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