How to end an episode?

The 411:
My story is about a drag competition reality show comedy slash mystery about finding a hidden saboteur of the show and winning first place. But since the formula of a televised competition, or any reality tv show really, is so rigid I’m not sure how to make the episode end in an interesting way. Right now the end of the first episode shows the competitor who won that episode, the end of the tv show episode, then the main character goes back to her hotel room and is like wow blah blah blah I hope I can stay in the competition okay time for bed etc basically it sucks. How can I make a story like this have a cliff hanger ending before getting into the real drama two episodes later?


:thinking: If it was my story, I’d end the episode with some foreshadowing of the main conflict, like a super-zoomed in or off-camera encounter with the culprit.

MC: “What an intense first day!” I hope I do well!”
(No-name speech bubble): “Hmm. Look at all these ‘competitors’. I think MC really has a chance of beating me. Too bad I don’t intend to play by the rules…”

I do a similar scene in my story, for which I use a silhouette character in the spotlight format.

I hope that inspired you a little. :grin::+1::bulb:


Oh my gosh you read my mind I was just making a silhouette version of the saboteur character. Thanks!


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