How to engage readers in the first episode

So, I have a question: my story is about a challenge that a high school student gets. Now, I want to make my story as engaging and interesting as possible. Should I tell what the challenge is in the first episode or leave it almost said so the reader goes to episode 2?

Also, bonus: I am a newbie at this, how to make my story, as I said, more interesting and engaging?


For me it’s better to give some time before revealing the challenge. You can give hints or something intruiging so that the readers would be curious and would want to continue reading the story.


To keep the reader engage with your 1st chapter.
You should have:-

  • decent directing skills, if you don’t know advanced coding then that’s fine but try to learn coding so that directing can be smooth. You can use basic coding.

  • Perfect English grammer lot’s of people here just look for good english.

  • Give readers a reason to engage Just throw some questions on them about the story. Don’t reveal too much in your 1st ch. You can give them some ideas… So thats they can question and tend to find it’s answer.

  • Cliffhanger this one is important to force the reader to tap play button for next ch… Try to add a good cliffhanger in the end of ch.

  • Extra point if the story is too serious or anything try to add some comedy scenes between… We dont want the readers to get upset or headache… … Right?

I think I have covered everything…


Maybe try making that scene look a bit more professional (I know that she may be whispering something but try to make it look more engaging by using text effects)

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Very good directing, customise characters and perfect grammar.


Hey, here’s a thread I made a while ago: Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success
Also I think it’s better if you don’t tell things right away but only if there’s enough suspense and other aspects to keep the reader’s engaged.
In one of my stories “The Thing” is revealed in the 2nd episode but really shown in the 4th episode :woman_shrugging: :slight_smile:


It seems to me that it is not necessary to immediately tell what the problem is. As already mentioned, at first, you can simply set the path of the story, so that the reader himself can reflect on which way the plot will turn. To make the story more engaging, try to think of unexpected moments involving the main characters, whether it’s disappearance or an accident. You can also work out the characters in more detail, for which I use character analysis essays and read similar stories or books. There can be many tips, but the main thing is to find your style. I also like stories from the end, when you know the plot but don’t understand how it all happened. Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you.

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