HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊

its ok i don’t blame you. after you pick a style (limelight), it lets you choose between spotlight and cinematic. it gives the spotlight option first, so when users see it, they click it right away. Episode should show the cinematic one first or show both of them together and explain each one.

What i mean by exist is make sure you have characters that are named that and/or you didn’t misspell their name.

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Okay so now I’ve just found out that’s its locked to spotlight ? How do I change this do I have to create all my characters again​:sob::sob::sob:

Yes sadly :frowning_face:

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That’s okay at least now I know I’m not just insane!!! Thankyou so much for helping!! I’ll redo it all and hopefully I won’t have any problems!! But if I do I’ll come back :joy::joy::joy: xx life saver xx

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You’re skipping a line between choice and “Open”{

Put the word choice on line 1899 instead

@ksenia.stories I think you accidently deleted your comment after I helped you :thinking:

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so how di i make my character walk to a background

is it

@CHARACTER walks to back left in zone 2 AND CHARACTER does it while walk_exhausted_loop

If not what’s the code, Please help me

That’s not right no. You can either use:

  1. @NAME enter from left to screen center in zone X AND NAME does it while ANIMATION

2)Using spot direction.

@NAME walks to spot x y in z AND NAME does it while ANIMATION


@GRACE enters from left to screen left AND GRACE walks to spot in 5