How to explain choices impact to the readers?

I’m writing a story with two love interests using a point system, the reader has a choice of doing something nice to the first LI, or say nothing/be mean, and same with the second LI, and points are added/removed, which will impact who the reader ends up with, and who they go with on date etc…
On the other hand, I have some gem choices that are simply extras (includes more writing, but have the same result and don’t affect the ending)
How can I explain that to my reader so they know which choice matter and which don’t?
I added a reader message on the first point choice to explain that choices matter, and added another reader message on a gem choice explaining that gem choices don’t affect the ending.
Is it enough? Or should I do that at every single choice? Should I add a reader message saying +1 when a point is added or should I keep it a surprise? Should I have a gem option that could take the reader on a date with the two character in case they messed up once and got point for the wrong LI?


Hmm…I think you could start off the story by saying “Your choices will affect who your character ends up with. Choose wisely.” and maybe put all choices that are important in gold? And for every choice that impacts the ending, add a reader message that says +1 or -1.

I’m not sure if I understand the importance of the gem option if it doesn’t affect the ending…?

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I don’t like to add gem choices that have impact because it would feel as if the reader were obliged to use their gems, and I personally don’t like that when reading.
I enjoy reading stories where gems choices are optional, and if I ever choose to spend gems it would be to get some extra scene or something like that.

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